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Heuss Lecture: Fire Is Good to Think With: Protest as a Mode of Theorizing (Katharina Schramm)

Wednesday, November 2, 2022, 2:00PM to 3:30PM (EDT)

Student Protests South Africa

The present call to decolonize epistemic and institutional practices runs deep through the humanities and social sciences. In South Africa, it was accompanied by massive student protests, in some cases leading to burning campuses. These protests sparked many controversies about the role of education, appropriate forms of critique, and the very means of debate. In this lecture, Katharina Schramm pays close attention to different knowledge practices that have emerged in these highly contested spaces. How can we theorize from here? Can we begin to think about fire in generative terms?

Presented by the 2022-2023 Theodor Heuss Professor in Anthropology, Katharina Schramm. After settling in in New York, Prof. Schramm was also interviewed by Christian Wißler for UBT aktuell. The complete interview can be found here.

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