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Cultural and Social Anthropology

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There are many reasons for studying social anthropology at the University of Bayreuth: the high quality of teaching and research, but also the environment of a campus university. The four professorships of the Department of Social Anthropology are part of an interdisciplinary research network that makes Bayreuth one of the most important locations for African studies in Europe.

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If you like to write your thesis (B.A. or M.A.) in one of our study programs, please contact the person who you'd like to be your first supervisor. You are welcome to make an appointment during the office hours for this via the respective administration offices.

Please fill out the linked form before the meeting so that it can serve as a basis for discussion.

The registration of the thesis will then be done later by e-mail via your primary supervisor or the corresponding administration's office. Please make sure to include all necessary data: Your name, matriculation number, title of the thesis, submission date, name of the first supervisor, name of the second supervisor (if already known) and study program.

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