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Cultural and Social Anthropology

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Our professorships in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Overview of our organizational units.

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Science and Technology Studies des Globalen Südens
JP Dr. Jia Hui Lee

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Social Anthropology - Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber

The chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Bayreuth is a dynamic and cooperative research community under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber. We share research interests and knowhow in theoretical frameworks as kinship, generations, gender, age and life as well as in ethnographic themes which range from care, class and migration up to pandemics, work and education.

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Social and Cultural Anthropology - Prof. Dr. Katharina Schramm

Our research, pedagogy and engagement focus on the empirical inquiries and sharing of knowledge produced through critical analyses of categories of differences and their political implications. We investigate how dynamics of knowledge production and communication relate to questions of (in)equality and processes of inclusion and exclusion. Social movements, migration and border regimes, biosocial and economic justice, forms of racialization, and (trans)national politics of belonging count among our diversified empirical fields

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Social and Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Africa

At the Professorship of Social and Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Africa, we research and teach on a variety of topics related to the African continent, its diaspora, and its relations with Europe. In teaching, the professorship participates in a variety of B.A. and M.A. programs of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. In research, our goal is to contribute to a reconfiguration of African studies and many of us are part of the Cluster of Excellence Africa Multiple. The professorship also maintains international collaborations with partner institutions in Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Chad.

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Social and Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Social Belonging JP Dr. Melina C. Kalfelis

My research and teaching are situated at the intersection of social, political, and visual anthropology, and I specialize in phenomenological approaches. Drawing on long-term fieldwork in West Africa and Western Europe, I am currently building a chair that investigates ordinary lifeworlds and practices of violence, crime, and belonging in contexts shaped by histories of global inequality. I am particularly interested in questions on ethics, governance, media, gender, and dynamics of (dis)trust in conflict settings and how these transgress and link intimate, political, and transnational domains of everyday life.

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Epistemologies of the Global South - Prof. Dr. Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni

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