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Cultural and Social Anthropology

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In December 2021, the book "Politics and Kinship - A Reader" by editors Erdmute Alber and Tatjana Thelen was published. The Reader offers a unique overview of the entanglement of these two categories in both theoretical debates and everyday practices.  ...more

New study program: BA Social and Cultural Anthropology

In a globally interconnected world, social and cultural anthropology has taken on the task to understand the complexity of human action. An approach to different life worlds and their intertwining is the starting point for the study of social and cultural diversity.  ...more

Collaboration in Times of a Pandemic

Collaboration in Times of a Pandemic

Collaboration in Times of a Pandemic - Reflections on a Student Exchange between the University of Namibia and the University of Bayreuth. Blog entry written by SCA students.  ...more

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Cultural Anthropology

In today's world of global entanglements, the main task of anthropology is the understanding of human behaviour in its complexity. An insight into the multiplicity of lifeworlds forms the starting point of our analysis of social and cultural diversity.  ...more

The University of Bayreuth has one of the largest departments for anthropological teaching and research in Germany. Our anthropology department places particular emphasis on research on and around the African continent, and we benefit from the university-wide strength in African Studies - an interdisciplinary Africa research network made up of over 40 faculty members makes Bayreuth one of Europe’s most important sites for teaching and research related to the continent. This focus doesn’t exclude other possibilities, however: teaching and research within Anthropology focus on a wide range of research areas.

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