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Social Anthropology in Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is a major centre of social anthropological teaching and research
in Germany.
The Department of Social Anthropology currently consists of four professorships and their
respective staff positions. In addition, our colleagues at the Iwalewahaus, the museum of
African art at the University of Bayreuth, conduct research on and teach further aspects of
social anthropology.
Social anthropology in Bayreuth is particularly strong in the field of African Studies. The four
professorships are part of African Studies in Bayreuth, in which more than 40 professors and
lecturers from the University of Bayreuth have joined together to form an interdisciplinary
research association, one of the most important sites in Europe for research into Africa.
However, this focus is not exclusive; other regions are also covered in teaching and research.

Professors of social anthropology:

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