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Vortrag von Erdmute Alber, Liz Cooper und Wandia Njoya: (How) Is Education an Alibi in Africa?

13.12.2022, 18.30 Uhr
Iwalewahaus und Zoom


Co-authors: Elizabeth Cooper (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Erdmute Alber (Bayreuth University, Germany), and Wandia Njoya (Daystar University, Kenya)

In this paper (which serves as the introductory chapter to an edited collection on ‘The Education Alibi in Africa’) we discuss the ‘education alibi’ as an interrogatory approach that reflects our discomfort with the worldwide positive image of education, and especially schooling, as an assured remedy against problems such as poverty, inequality, gender discrimination, and population growth, to name just some.

In conceptualizing education as a possible alibi, we shine an interrogative light on institutions' and actors' plausible use of education to divert scrutiny from other matters. This approach opens opportunities for us to examine how education and schooling may be entangled with economic and societal transformations that are not conventionally associated with education.

At the same time, it opens a perspective to understand which processes might be disentangled from education, even if often seen as deeply related. We identify three key processes – responsibilization, depoliticisation, and the production of difference and inequality - through which education seems to be enacting an alibi, that is, claiming to be doing one thing, while (also) doing something else.

We account for how these three processes are quite brazenly enfolded with contemporary education interventions, despite the continued exaltation of ‘education for all’ as a public good for the public good. 

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Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Nadja Bscherer

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