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Workshop: Fielding the field

21.05.2021 10-14.30 Uhr

A workshop organized at the 21. May 2021 by Erdmute Alber, Iris Clemens and Pamila Gupta 10-14.30

We start by understanding any kind of field as an open assembly of questions, assumptions, curiosities, previous knowledges, time regimes, geographic features, interests, prejudices, observations, and emotions.

It can also involve human and non-human interactions, other existences, materialities, images, literature, previous research studies, collaborative research, etc.

Accordingly, the question of how fields emerge in the process of doing research points towards diverse ontological and epistemological foundations. What is an entity or a sequence or process that can and should be observed, and for what reason? Where should the first distinction be introduced, and why? And how can something ever be observed and described, both in the field and outside of it, increasingly online, and from a distance during these pandemic times? How can one describe the relationality between the observed entity, the observer (as always vulnerable and distanced), and everything else?

Diverse disciplines and scientific perspectives will give quite different answers to these questions. We have asked a number of contributors who represent these diverse perspectives to share with us their answers to the questions raised. In sharing perspectives, we believe we can test our own positions and enrich our perceptions.

More information, as well as the dial-in data (zoom) can be found in the program for the workshop.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Nadja Bscherer

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