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Public Anthropology Talk: “Invaluable Enmeshments in Pedagogy - Some Autoethnographic Reflections on Pedagogies of Care”, with Annie McCarthy

15.06.2021 16.00 Uhr

The Anthropology of Global Inequalities working group (University of Bayreuth) invites you to the second event of its Public Anthropology Talk series.

In this talk Annie McCarthy will build on a series of reflections she shared in a recent paper in HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory (2020) to explore questions about pedagogies of care in Anthropology. Drawing on her experience teaching courses in Anthropology, Gender Studies and Global Studies in two highly globalised neoliberal universities in Australia she will discuss a series of personal and pedagogical enmeshments that highlight questions about voice, representation, safety, and danger in our contemporary Universities. While she draws from Judith Butler in seeing enmeshment as the foundation of ethical pedagogy, it is through autoethnography that Annie explores the complex and intersecting ways both scholars and students become enmeshed in these questions and the struggles for survival inherent within them.  

To take part in this event, please register here.

Annie McCarthy is currently an Assistant Professor in Global Studies at the University of Canberra. Her ethnographic work has focused on the way slum children in Delhi pursue their own projects of development through participation in NGO programs. More broadly she is interested in the ways marginalized children negotiate and challenge institutions that seek to preserve, foster, or establish “childhood” both historically and in the contemporary moment. Here she turns to her teaching experience to reflect on her own practice as an anthropologist who has done far more teaching than research.

For more information on this and the next talks in the Public Anthropology series, please visit the webpage of the Anthropology of Global Inequalities research group.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Janine Nagat

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