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Applications for our Master study programm in "Social and Cultural Anthropology" will soon be accepted!



  • The M.A. in social and cultural anthropology is a research focused
    master’s program which offers you an advanced orientation in socio-cultural anthropology and guides you through an ethnographic research project.
  • At the heart of the program is the “guided research” component, in which you develop independent research projects in close conversation with both teaching staff and the other students in your cohort.
  • the University of Bayreuth is well known for its focus on Africa in the humanities and arts which will give you the unique opportunity to spice up your curriculum with activities that also benefit your studies.

If this programme sounds like a great fit for you, please check out its website for more information.

We encourage prospectives students to apply early (especially if they need a visa).  Applications for winter 2024/2025 will be accepted starting March 1, 2024.

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