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Book Launch by Koreen Reece on Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 11h15 to 13h: Pandemic Kinship - Families, Intervention, and Social Change in Botswana's Time of AIDS

14.06.2023, 11.15 am University of Leipzig and online (please register https://lecture.uni-leipzig.de/b/luk-jyf-uic-4s1)


Shaped around the stories of one extended family, their friends, neighbours, and community, Pandemic Kinship provides an intimate portrait of everyday life in Botswana's time of AIDS. It challenges assumptions about a 'crisis of care' unfolding in the wake of the pandemic, showing that care - like other aspects of Tswana kinship - is routinely in crisis, and that the creative ways families navigate such crises make them kin. In Setswana, conflict and crisis are glossed as dikgang, and negotiating dikgang is an ethical practice that generates and reorients kin relations over time. Governmental and non-governmental organisations often misread the creativity of crisis, intervening in ways that may prove more harmful than the problems they set out to solve. Moving between family discussions, community events, and the daily work of orphan care projects and social work offices, Pandemic Kinship provides provocative insights into how we manage change in pandemic times. Nasima Selim and Lena Kroeker will lead a discussion with the author on the research, writing and contributions of the book.

Registration for online participation (https://lecture.uni-leipzig.de/b/luk-jyf-uic-4s1)

Flyer for more information.

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