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Beisel Uli 180x180 7.2018 Prof. Dr. Uli Beisel
Beisel Uli 180x180 7.2018

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Culture and Technology in Africa

Scientific career

  • since Dec. 2019: Professorship Culture & Technology in Africa, University of Bayreuth
  • 2014 - 2019: Culture & Technology in Africa junior professorship, Department of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Bayreuth
  • 2012 – 2014: Lecturer (permanent) in Human Geography, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University
  • 2012: DAAD Return Fellowship, Seminar for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (supervised by Prof. Richard Rottenburg)
  • 2010 – 2011: Research Assosciate in Medical Anthropology, Department of Global Health and Development, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • 2006 – 2010: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Human Geography, The Open University, United Kingdom
  • 2005 – 2006: Master of Arts in Environment, Culture and Society (distinction), Lancaster University, United Kingdom
  • 1999 – 2005: Diploma, Psychology, University of Bremen
  • 1999: A-levels at Gymnasium Wiesloch, Baden-Württemberg

Current offices and functions / memberships

Beisel Uli 180x180 7.2018

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Culture and Technology in Africa

Research areas

My work sits squarely in the interdisciplinary field of feminist and postcolonial science and technology studies, and in medical and multispecies anthropology together with human geography. I have worked on 'mosquito-parasite-human entanglements' in malaria control in Ghana and Sierra Leone, and continue to be fascinated by practices of demarcation between human and non-human organisms, and the possibilities for their coexistence. My research is driven by the question of how we can coexist with organisms and substances that are harmful to human health. In this context I am interested in mutant mosquitoes and drug-resistant parasites; zoonotic diseases; insecticides, pesticides and toxins; technology and infrastructure in world health and its crises; confidence in biomedicine; the politics of evidence, speculation and ignorance; and the mobility(s) of organisms, things and ideas.

Research and support interests

Culture and technology in Africa, global health, malaria, human-environment relations,
(renewable) energies and waste, (forms of) mobility

Current research projects

Beisel Uli 180x180 7.2018

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Culture and Technology in Africa



Donko, Kamal; Doevenspeck, Martin; Beisel, Uli
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in Journal of Borderlands Studies volume 37 (2022) issue 2. - page 235-251
doi:10.1080/08865655.2021.1997629 ...


Ouma, Stefan; Beisel, Uli; Glasman, Joël
Genesene Menschen als Ressource?
Frankfurter Rundschau
in Frankfurter Rundschau. (01. Mai 2020)
https://www.fr.de/wissen/genesene-menschen-ressour ...


Richards, Paul; Mokuwa, Esther; Maat, Harro; Welmers, Pleun; Beisel, Uli
Trust, and distrust, of Ebola Treatment Centers : A case-study from Sierra Leone
in PLoS One volume 14 (2019) issue 12
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0224511 ...

Akello, Grace; Beisel, Uli
Challenges, Distrust, and Understanding : Employing Communicative Action in Improving Trust in ...
in SAGE Open volume 9 (2019) issue 4
doi:10.1177/2158244019893705 ...

Beisel, Uli; Ganle, John Kuumuori
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in African Studies Review volume 62 (2019) issue 3. - page 164-173
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Beisel, Uli
What might we learn from ANT for studying healthcare issues in the majority world, and what mig ...
The Routledge Companion to Actor-Network Theory
London : Routledge, 2019. - page 246-255


Beisel, Uli; Calkins, Sandra; Rottenburg, Richard
Divining, testing, and the problem of accountability
in HAU : Journal of Ethnographic Theory volume 8 (2018) issue 1-2. - page 109-113
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Beisel, Uli; Chandler, Clare I. R.
The Anthropology of Malaria : Locating the Social
in Medical Anthropology volume 36 (2017) issue 5. - page 411-421
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Reimagining Malaria : Rearticulating the Social in Malaria
publ: Beisel, Uli; Chandler, Clare I. R.
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2017. - 411-484 page

Beisel, Uli
Resistant bodies, malaria and the question of immunity
Global Health and Geographical Imaginaries
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Liggins, Arlena S.; Beisel, Uli
Translating the Glucometer : from “Western” Markets to Uganda ; of glucometer graveyards, missi ...
World Politics in Translation : Power, Relationality, and Difference in Global Cooperation
London : Routledge, 2017. - page 59-75


Beisel, Uli; Umlauf, Rene; Hutchinson, Eleanor
The complexities of simple technologies : re-imagining the role of rapid diagnostic tests in ma ...
in Malaria Journal (2016) issue 1
doi:10.1186/s12936-016-1083-2 ...

Umlauf, René; Beisel, Uli; Neubert, Dieter
Innovationen in afrikanischen Gesundheitssystemen : die Einführung von diagnostischen Schnellte ...
in Spektrum volume 12 (2016) issue 1. - page 70-73
https://epub.uni-bayreuth.de/2953/1/spektrum_ausga ...


Beisel, Uli
The Blue Warriors : Ecology, Participation and Public Health in Malaria Control Experiments in ...
Para-States and Medical Science : making African Global Health
Durham, North Carolina, USA : Duke University Press Duke University Press, pp.281-302 Duke University Press, 2015. - page 281-302

Boëte, Christophe; Beisel, Uli; Reis Castro, Luísa; Césard, Nicolas; Reeves, R. Guy
Engaging scientists : an online survey exploring the experience of innovative biotechnological ...
in Parasites & Vectors volume 8 (2015) issue 1. - page 414 ff
doi:10.1186/s13071-015-0996-x ...

Beisel, Uli
Markets and Mutations : Mosquito Nets and the Politics of Disentanglement in Global Health
in Geoforum volume 66 (2015) . - page 146-155
doi:10.1016/j.geoforum.2015.06.013 ...

Beisel, Uli
Wissenschaftskulturen im Dialog : von interdisziplinärer Zusammenarbeit und der Kunst des Expe ...
in Spektrum volume 11 (2015) issue 1. - page 26-29


Beisel, Uli; Dilger, Hansjörg
Die Ebolakrise aus Sicht der Medizinethnologie : von Misstrauen zu lokal angepasster Patientenv ...
in Medizinethnologie (Blog)
10. Dezember 2014


Beisel, Uli
On gloves, rubber and the spatio-temporal logics of global health
in Somatosphere
06. Oktober 2014
http://somatosphere.net/2014/10/rubber-gloves-glob ...

Beisel, Uli; Stoppok, Manfred
Energietechnologien und Energiewandel in Afrika : kulturelle und anthropologische Aspekte von I ...
in Spektrum volume 10 (2014) issue 2. - page 46-47
http://www.uni-bayreuth.de/de/universitaet/presse/ ...

Ginn, Franklin; Beisel, Uli; Barua, Maan
Flourishing with Awkward Creatures : Togetherness, Vulnerability, Killing
in Environmental Humanities volume 4 (2014) issue 1. - page 113-123
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Special section: Living with awkward creatures : vulnerability, togertherness, killing
publ: Beisel, Uli; Ginn, Franklin; Barua, Maan
Environmental Humanities
2014. - 113-205 page


Beisel, Uli; Boëte, Christophe
The Flying Public Health Tool : genetically-modified mosquitoes and malaria control
in Science as Culture volume 22 (2013) issue 1. - page 38-60
doi:10.1080/09505431.2013.776364 ...


Knowing insects
publ: Beisel, Uli; Kelly, Anne; Tousignant, Noémi
Science as Culture

Beisel, Uli; Kelly, Ann H.; Tousignant, Noémi
Knowing Insects : Hosts, Vectors and Companions of Science
in Science as Culture volume 22 (2013) issue 1. - page 1-15
doi:10.1080/09505431.2013.776367 ...


Bertoni, Filippo; Beisel, Uli
More-than-human intelligence : of dolphins, Indian law and the multispecies turn
in Society and Space Open Site
. 2013
http://societyandspace.org/2013/11/22/more-than-hu ...

Boëte, Christophe; Beisel, Uli
Transgenic Mosquitoes for Malaria Control : from the Bench to the Public Opinion Survey
Anopheles mosquitoes : new insights into malaria vectors
The Hague : InTech, 2013
doi:10.5772/56193 ...


Beisel, Uli
reviewed by: Mobilities and Health
in Emotion, Space and Society volume 5 (2012) issue 4. - page 279-280
doi:10.1016/j.emospa.2012.07.002 ...
reviewed: Gatrell, Anthony C.: Mobilities and Health. Farnham, 2011

Beisel, Uli; Schneider, Tillmann
Provincialising Waste : the Transformation of Ambulance Car 7/83–2 to Tro-Tro Dr. Jesus
in Environment and Planning D : Society and Space volume 30 (2012) issue 4. - page 639-654
doi:10.1068/d9610 ...


Kelly, Ann H.; Beisel, Uli
Neglected Malarias : the Frontlines and Back Alleys of Global Health
in Biosocieties volume 6 (2011) issue 1. - page 71-87
doi:10.1057/biosoc.2010.42 ...

Beisel, Uli
reviewed by: Raffles, Hugh: Insectopia. New York, 2010
in Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute volume 17 (2011) issue 2. - page 433-434


Beisel, Uli
reviewed by: Jumping hurdles with mosquitoes?
in Environment and Planning D : Society and Space volume 28 (2010) issue 1. - page 46-49
doi:10.1068/d2706wsf ...
reviewed: Haraway, Donna J.: When Species Meet. Minneapolis, 2008


Beisel, Uli
Who bites back first? : Malaria control in Ghana and the politics of co-existence
Milton Keynes, UK, The Open University, 2010
(dissertation, , )


Beisel, Uli; Jäger, Melanie
Powerless Networks? The Implementation of Decentralised Technologies in Madagascar
Technology Assessment in der Weltgesellschaft
Berlin : Edition Sigma, 2007. - page 401-410


Beisel, Uli
Beteiligung schafft Akzeptanz : die Entstehungsgeschichte eines Bürgerwindparks
in IPublic volume 10 (2006) issue 1. - page 8-15
http://ipu-ev.de/system/files/dateiablagen/ipublic ...

Beisel Uli 180x180 7.2018

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Culture and Technology in Africa

Prof. Dr. Uli Beisel
Professor for Culture and Technology in Africa

University of Bayreuth
Building: GW II
Universitätsstraße 30
​D-95447 Bayreuth

E-mail: uli.beisel@uni-bayreuth.de
Homepage: Anthropology | Universität Bayreuth


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