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Kerrin Thomsen

from Sylt to Bayreuth
After my voluntary service in Tanzania, I had no doubts about going on to a degree in the field of cultural studies. I enjoyed the warmth and openness of the people, as well as the cultural exchange, and the experience of living in a society I knew nothing about.
Since the University of Bayreuth is well-known for its African focus in social anthropology, and offers several other exciting subject opportunities in the field of cultural studies, my mind was soon made up. And I am still more than satisfied, even if it takes me over a day to get home.
There aren't many of us in the course, but I think that's what makes it so special, and it has helped me to find my place quickly here in Bayreuth. This way you get to know the people in your programme better, and you’re always bumping into senior students, should you need a bit of advice.
What I would like to do in concrete terms later on is becoming clearer to me from semester to semester, because you get a great insight into many areas during your studies. For example, we visited many human rights organizations in Berlin during the practical seminar in the 2016 summer semester.

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