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Cultural and Social Anthropology

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Lena Fiala

At the beginning of my studies I took Cultural and Social Anthropology as a minor. During the first semester, however, I swapped and made it my main subject because I liked it that much.

This programme gives me the opportunity to discuss the topics that interest me. In my opinion, Cultural and Social Anthropology in Bayreuth is a subject that deals with very current social problems such as gender equality or racism. Even during the Corona pandemic, a seminar on the subject was offered to help us to better understand the social and political impact of the virus.

Due to the relatively small number of students, lecturers give great support and seminars are full of lively discussions in which you can really contribute your own thoughts. I regularly gained some "aha" moments out of them and am very happy that my studies give me many insights which have an impact on my own life. I developed a completely new perspective on many things that I have never questioned before.

Especially for first-year students who are interested in many parts of humanities and social sciences and who - like me - find it difficult to make a decision, studying Cultrural and Social Anthropology has a lot to offer: politics, economics, technology, kinship, music, art, religion - all these are well covered.

I feel very much at home in Bayreuth and I am happy to live in a small town where you can quickly get to know people and most of your friends are only a ten-minute bike-ride away.

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