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Cultural and Social Anthropology

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Marlene Binder

I have always been very interested in foreign regions, cultures and languages, but I never thought that I would "do something with it". That's why I only came across the social anthropology course by chance, but now I'm incredibly happy that it turned out this way.
Social anthropology is the best subject to study. Honestly! It's an incredibly diverse subject considering all that you learn, and you can really pick out the things that interest you most. Even just the foundation modules themselves inspire me, they deal with religion, economics, politics, kinship, art, music, and more. Later on, even more exciting, practical topics are added and you really have a lot of choice as to what you want to take on. There are things from sociology, philosophy, and many other disciplines... Has there ever been such a wide-ranging course of studies before? I can really recommend it to anyone, it definitely has something for everyone.
But the best thing is that in social anthropology you develop such a completely different view of everything. Actually, it reminds us all the time that all the things we simply take for granted as "natural" are in reality largely culturally determined. Everything we think we know about the world is called into question by this. I think there is nothing that broadens your own
horizon more than to consider your own world view and the world views of others from this approach.
I also think the University of Bayreuth is awesome, it's great that it's a campus university, so you always see everyone and especially in the summer you can chill out together on the lawns after the lectures etc. Our course of studies is a bit small, which is also great, because after one or two semesters at the latest you really get to know everybody somehow. The
lecturers are great, too, you really have a great relationship with them, especially through such things like the semester opening / discussion in the Iwalewa House you can really get into a conversation with them ... and that really is something special for a study programme!
So, I know it sounds like I was paid to advertise something here, but it really is: study social anthropology in Bayreuth. It's perfect.

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