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Korbinian Baumer

Like many of my fellow students, I spent a few months in Africa after graduating from high school and did volunteer work. Back in Germany I had to think about what to do in life. Since I enjoyed my stay in South Africa very much, I was looking for courses of study that would enable me to continue my involvement with that continent and the life-worlds there. By chance, I came across the African Culture & Society programme on the Internet and was immediately excited about the courses offered. The combination of social anthropology, sociology, and development policy with a focus on Africa was exactly what I had been looking for. A great addition to this is the wide range of African languages that can be learned here.
Since it was actually my plan to move to a big city like Berlin or Cologne after spending my childhood and youth in a small provincial town, the thought of studying in Bayreuth worried me a bit at first, but I quickly learned to appreciate the advantages of this city and the University. The familiar atmosphere and the close contact with our professors and lecturers are real highlights in our studies, besides the variety of specialist topics we cover. I think the best proof of feeling right at home here in Bayreuth, and not regretting my decision in any way, is the fact that I am still here, and have meanwhile started my Master of African Culture & Society degree.

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