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221019_Bild_Agnieszka_Pasieka_500x500 Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Pasieka

Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie

Professional Appointments

2022-2023Visiting Professor - University of Bayreuth
2018-presentElise Richter Research Fellow - Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna
2021Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer - Yale University
2019Visiting Lecturer - Department of Sociology, Dartmouth College
2018Visiting Professor - Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University
2015-2018Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow - Institute for East European History, University of Vienna
2012-2015Assistant Professor - Polish Academy of Sciences


2012Ph.D. Anthropology, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg / Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/Saale, Germany
2007M.Sc. Sociology, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie

My research, situated mainly in the field of political anthropology and anthropology of religion, explores the questions of inequality, discrimination, and social hierarchies, and the ways different social actors address them. More specifically, I investigate why religion and nationalism provide people with a language that enable them to address such concerns and mobilize for action.

Both my previous and current empirical investigations have combined long-term ethnographic work with insights from sociology and history. I have published extensively on religious pluralism, national and ethnic minorities, multiculturalism, postsocialism, and, most recently, far-right politics and far-right movements. I have recently completed a book project on transnational activism of radical nationalist movements in Europe, and I am currently working on developing a new research agenda on race and religion.


Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie



Rethinking modern Polish identities : transnational encounters
Hrsg.: Pasieka, Agnieszka; Rodak, Paweł
Rochester : University of Rochester Press, 2023. - 372 S. . - (Rochester Studies in East and Central Europe; 30)


Anthropology of transformation : from Europe to Asia and back ; Essays in honour of Professor C ...
Hrsg.: Buzalka, Juraj; Pasieka, Agnieszka
Cambridge, UK : Open Book Publishers, 2022
doi:10.11647/OBP.0282 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Are we all extremists now?
Extremism, society, and the state
New York ; Oxford : Berghahn, 2022. - S. 35-51 . - (Critical Interventions; 20)

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Theft of Gramsci? On the radical right, radical left, and common sense
In: Dialectical Anthropology Bd. 46 (2022) Heft 4. - S. 417-436
doi:10.1007/s10624-022-09681-6 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
"Tomorrow belongs to us" : Pathways to Activism in Italian Far-Right Youth Communities
In: Comparative Studies in Society and History Bd. 64 (2022) Heft 1. - S. 150-178
doi:10.1017/S0010417521000426 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Buchowski, Michał (Ed.): Twilight Zone Anthropology : Voices from Poland. Canon Pyon, 2019
In: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures Bd. 30 (2021) Heft 1. - S. 171-174
doi:10.3167/ajec.2021.300113 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Introduction to the Special Section: National, European, Transnational : Far-Right Activism in ...
In: East European Politics and Societies Bd. 35 (2021) Heft 4. - S. 863-875
doi:10.1177/08883254211004013 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Making an Ethnic Group : Lemko-Rusyns and the Minority Question in the Second Polish Republic
In: European History Quarterly Bd. 51 (2021) Heft 3. - S. 386-410
doi:10.1177/02656914211027121 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Postsocialist and Postcapitalist Questions? Far-Right Historical Narratives and the Making of a ...
In: East European Politics and Societies Bd. 35 (2021) Heft 4. - S. 975-995
doi:10.1177/0888325420977628 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Special Section: National, European, Transnational : Far-Right Activism in the 20th and 21st Ce ...
East European Politics and Societies


Pasieka, Agnieszka
In search of a cure? Far-right youth activism and the making of a new Europe
Europe's malaise : the long view
Bingley, UK : Emerald Publishing, 2020. - S. 85-102 . - (Research in Political Sociology; 27)
doi:10.1108/S0895-993520200000027009 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Anthropology of the far right : What if we like the 'unlikeable' others?
In: Anthropology Today Bd. 35 (2019) Heft 1. - S. 3-6
doi:10.1111/1467-8322.12480 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Mishtal, Joanna: The Politics of Morality : The Church, the State, and Reproductive Rights in P ...
In: Journal of Church and State Bd. 60 (2018) Heft 1. - S. 139-141
doi:10.1093/jcs/csx098 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Halemba, Agnieszka: Negotiating Marian Apparitions : The Politics of Religion in Transcarpathia ...
In: Journal of Religion in Europe Bd. 10 (2017) Heft 4. - S. 487-489

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Schäuble, Michaela: Narrating Victimhood : Gender, Religion and the Making of Place in Post-War ...
In: Sociologus Bd. 67 (2017) Heft 1. - S. 116-118

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Taking far-right claims seriously and literally : anthropology and the study of right-wing radi ...
In: Slavic Review Bd. 76 (2017) Heft S1. - S. S19-S29
doi:10.1017/slr.2017.154 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Jak uratować pogranicze? O teoretycznych modach i metodologicznych pułapkach
In: Wielogłos (2016) Heft 28. - S. 125-144
doi:10.4467/2084395XWI.16.013.5903 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Jaroszyńska-Kirchmann, Anna D.: Letters from Readers in the Polish American Press, 1902–1969 : ...
In: The Polish Review Bd. 61 (2016) Heft 3. - S. 112-114
doi:10.5406/polishreview.61.3.0112 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Reenacting ethnic cleansing : people's history and elitist nationalism in contemporary Poland
In: Nations and Nationalism Bd. 22 (2016) Heft 1. - S. 63-83
doi:10.1111/nana.12113 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Weapons of the weak or weak weapons? Women, priests, and power negotiations in roman catholic p ...
In: Studia Humanistyczne AGH Bd. 15 (2016) Heft 3. - S. 35-49
doi:10.7494/human.2016.15.3.35 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Beyond Black and White : Communism, Fascism and Catholicism in 20th Century Poland
In: H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online (2015)
Rezensiert: Kunicki, Mikołaj Stanisław: Between the Brown and the Red : Nationalism, Catholicism, and Communism in Twentieth-Century Poland ; the Politics of Bolesław Piasecki. Athens, 2012

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Conflict and Coexistence of Church and State Authorities in (Post)Communist Poland
Atheist Secularism and its Discontents : A Comparative Study of Religion and Communism in Eurasia
Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. - S. 70-91


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Hierarchy and pluralism : living religious difference in Catholic Poland
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. - xix, 261 S. . - (Contemporary Anthropology of Religion)

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Pasieka, Agnieszka
Multireligious and Multiethnic Public Schooling in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderland
Crossings and Crosses : Borders, Educations, and Religions in Northern Europe
Berlin ; Boston : de Gruyter, 2015. - S. 47-62 . - (Religion and Society; 63)


Opór i dominacja : antologia tekstów
Hrsg.: Pasieka, Agnieszka; Zielińska, Katarzyna
Kraków : Nomos, 2015. - 422, [1] S.


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Postindustrial Urban Landscapes
Laboratorium : Russian Review of Social Research
https://www.soclabo.org/index.php/laboratorium/iss ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Religious Pluralism and Lived Religion : an Anthropological Perspective
Religious Pluralism : a Resource Book
Florence : European University Institute, 2015. - S. 40-45


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Aitamurto, Kaarina ; Simpson, Scott (Eds.): Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central ...
In: Politics and Religion Bd. 7 (2014) Heft 3. - S. 643-645
doi:10.1017/S1755048314000273 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Krzyże w Auschwitz i stosunki polsko-polskie
In: Krytyka Polityczna (2014)
https://krytykapolityczna.pl/kultura/czytaj-dalej/ ...
Rezensiert: Zubrzycki, Genevieve: Krzyże w Auschwitz : tożsamość narodowa, nacjonalizm i religia w postkomunistycznej Polsce. Kraków, 2014

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Local Scholars, Global Experts : from a Native’s Point of View
In: Cargo : časopis pro kulturní-sociální antropologii Bd. 12 (2014) Heft 1/2. - S. 51-62

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Neighbors : About the Multiculturalization of the Polish Past
In: East European Politics and Societies Bd. 28 (2014) Heft 1. - S. 225-251
doi:10.1177/0888325413502222 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Niebiali, niemężczyźni i inni nieprawdziwi obywatele : O reprodukcji społecznych nierówności w ...
In: Studia Litteraria et Historica Bd. 2 (2014) . - S. 555-562
doi:10.11649/slh.2013.022 ...
Rezensiert: Brodkin, Karen: How Jews became white folks and what that says about race in America. New Brunswick, 1998


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Between Past and Present : Dealing with Transformation in Rural Poland
In: Laboratorium : Russian Review of Social Research Bd. 5 (2013) Heft 1. - S. 98-117

Pasieka, Agnieszka
"A good life depends on details" : Female activists in rural Poland
In: Etnološka tribina Bd. 43 (2013) Heft 36. - S. 110-125

Pasieka, Agnieszka
How pluralism becomes hierarchical? Debating pluralism in contemporary Poland
In: Sprawy Narodowościowe (2013) Heft 43. - S. 53-73
doi:10.11649/sn.2013.018 ...

Sekerdej, Kinga; Pasieka, Agnieszka
Researching the Dominant Religion : Anthropology at Home and Methodological Catholicism
In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion Bd. 25 (2013) Heft 1. - S. 53-77
doi:10.1163/15700682-12341252 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Wielokulturowość po polsku o polityce wielokulturowości jako mechanizmie umacniania polskości ...
In: Kultura i Społeczeństwo Bd. 57 (2013) Heft 3. - S. 129-155
doi:10.2478/kultura-2013-0026 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Czy Łemkowie chodzą w dżinsach? Wielokulturowość w Polsce jako kapitał i jako obciążenie ...
In: Pogranicze : Studia Społeczne Bd. 20 (2012) . - S. 35-52

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Kubica, Grażyna: Śląskość i protestantyzm : antropologiczne studia o Śląsku Cieszyńskim, proza, ...
In: Lud Bd. 96 (2012) . - S. 322-324

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Rezension von: Mayblin, Maya: Gender, Catholicism, and Morality in Brazil : Virtuous Husbands, Powerful Wives. ...
In: Women's Studies Bd. 41 (2012) Heft 6. - S. 764-768
doi:10.1080/00497878.2012.692605 ...

Pasieka, Agnieszka
Resurrected pigs, dyed foxes and beloved cows : Religious diversity and nostalgia for socialism ...
In: Journal of Rural Studies Bd. 28 (2012) Heft 2. - S. 72-80
doi:10.1016/j.jrurstud.2012.01.021 ...


Pasieka, Agnieszka
Historie kuchenne : czyli o religijności mieszkanek polskiej wsi
Kobiety w społeczeństwie polskim
Kraków : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, 2011. - S. 349-371


Sekerdej, Kinga; Pasieka, Agnieszka
„Bogu, co boskie, cesarzowi, co cesarskie. A co ludziom?” : Negocjowanie przestrzeni w Licheniu ...
Społeczne tworzenie miejsc : globalizacja, etniczność, władza
Kraków : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, 2010. - S. 119-132


Sekerdej, Kinga; Pasieka, Agnieszka; Warat, Marta
Popular Religion and Postsocialist Nostalgia : Licheń as a Polysemic Pilgrimage Centre in Polan ...
In: Polish Sociological Review Bd. 160 (2007) Heft 4. - S. 431-444


Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie

Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Pasieka
Vertretung für Prof. Dr. Katharina Schramm

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