El-Obeidi Amal

Dr. Amal S. El-Obeidi

Associated researcher in the DFG-funded research project "Political Orders in the Making" - Scholar of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation (since October 2016)

Contact Data

Email: obeidi.amal@gmail.com and Amal.El-Obeidi@uni-bayreuth.de

Research Focus

Amal EI-Obeidi studies political elites, transitional law and governance as well as traditional political structures and political culture in Libya. She is also interested in gender issues, public policies and security issues, especially in the Mediterranean region. She is also interested in the role of political Islam.

Current Research Project

Amal El-Obeidi is going to continue her work about political elites, questions of governance and traditional political structures and politics beyond the state at the University of Bayreuth. She is currently associated with the research project "Political Orders in the Making: A Comparative Study of Emerging Forms of Political Organisation from Libya to Northern Mali". The research project aims to explore "politics in the making" through a comparative study of emerging forms of political organisation in Libya and northern Mali. The project brings together three theoretical concepts and fields of research: heterarchy, (historical and present) connectivities in northwest Africa, and the importance of local actors/locality. The first concept of heterarchy is a recent one, responding to the rapid development of political orders in Africa and elsewhere within the last twenty years. 'Heterarchy' points at central traits of current political (state and non-state) orders, namely the mutable and unstable intertwining of state and non-state orders and the plurality of competing power groups. The concept of connectivity (across states and borders) is a newly re-discovered topic, perceiving state borders (and the Sahara Desert) not as barriers, but as transitional spaces. It allows a better understanding of recent political developments and their historical roots.


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