Selected Publications

Transfers of Belonging Reconnecting State and Kinship

April 2018

Transfers of Belonging


November 2017

Reconnecting State and Kinship


Anthropological Perspectives on Care Soziale Elternschaft im Wandel

September 2015

Anthropological Perspectives on Care

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Soziale Elternschaft im Wandel

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The Anthropology of Sibling Relation

Child Fostering


The Anthropology of Sibling Relations

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Child Fostering in West Africa

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Verwandtschaft heute

Generations in Africa


Verwandtschaft heute

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Generations in Africa. Connections and conflicts.

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Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber

Chair of Social Anthropology

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Phone: 0921/55-4121
Fax: 0921 55 4118
Bureau: GW II, Room 0.01
Consultation hour: on appointment

Research Areas

Erdmute Alber analyses processes of social change with a special view on the entanglements and mutual constitutions of politics and kinship. She is mainly working in West Africa. She stands for a relational perspective on concepts such as "family", "state", "education" or "work".

Current research topics include intergenerational relations, aging, constructions of kinship and the emergence of new middle classes. The work is based on longstanding fieldwork in the republic of Benin and in Peru. This is complemented by the supervision and guiding of field research in Togo, Ghana, and Kenya.

Current Research Projects

Kinship and Politics: Rethinking a Conceptual Split and its Epistemic Implications in the Social Sciences

Inner family resource flows (Erdmute Alber and Tabea Häberlein)

Middle Classes on the Rise (Erdmute Alber, Dieter Neubert, Lena Kroeker, Florian Stoll)


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