taayeros haus 2.4.

Completed Research Projects

Kinship and Politics: Rethinking a Conceptual Split and its Epistemic Implications in the Social Sciences (Erdmute Alber, David Warren Sabean, Simon Teuscher, Tatjana Thelen)

Spatial conceptions and autochthony amoung Tubu in eastern Niger (Georg Klute, Tilman Musch)

Roadside and travel communities (Kurt Beck, Gabriel Klaeger, Michael Stasik and Rami Wadelnour)

Aesthetic body modifications and feminity in a global city: cultures of beauty in Istanbul (Claudia Liebelt)

West African Marabouts in the Netherlands (Kurt Beck and Amber Gemmeke)

An existential approach to popular music in Africa (Markus Verne)

Child fosterage (Erdmute Alber and Jeannett Martin)

Familienstrukturen im Umbruch (Erdmute Alber)

Footballmigration (Erdmute Alber and Christian Ungruhe)

Transformationen sozialer Elternschaft (Erdmute Alber and Jeannett Martin)

Die Turmspringer von Pentecost (Thomas Bargatzky and Thorolf Lipp)

Wandel des Landrechts (Thomas Bargatzky, Hermann Hiery and Arno Pascht)

Bedfords Aneignung (Kurt Beck)

Das Äußere im Inneren (Kurt Beck and Paola Ivanov)

Dynamic worlds of imagination (Kurt Beck, Magnus Treiber and Délia Nicoué)

African Political Cultures (Georg Klute, Elisio Macamo, Trutz v. Trotha, Thomas Hüsken, Raul Fernandes)

Die Herausbildung nicht-staatlicher Formen (Georg Klute and Thomas Hüsken)

Local Strategies of Conflict Management (Georg Klute)