Region Afar, Äthiopien, März 2012. Dr. Dori bei der Forschung über die lokale Geschichte (Bild: Klute)


Anthropology in Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is one of the leading centres for anthropological research and teaching in Germany.

The Department of Anthropology (Facheinheit Ethnologie) currently consists of four professorships and their related staff. Our colleagues from the Iwalewahaus, the Museum of African Arts at the University of Bayreuth, also research and teach on anthropological topics, with special emphasis on contemporary African arts and music.

African Studies are a major focus of Anthropology in Bayreuth. All four Anthropology professors are members of the Bayreuth Institute of African Studies, which promotes and coordinates African Studies in twelve subject groups across six faculties of the University of Bayreuth. This broad range of disciplines within African Studies is unique in German-speaking countries and it makes the University of Bayreuth one of the largest centres of Africa-related research in Europe. This Africa-focus is not exclusive. Anthropological research and under- and postgraduate teaching in Bayreuth relate to other world regions as well.

Since autumn 2001, we offer the degree programme ‘African Culture and Society - Applied African Studies’ (Bachelor, Master, and minor subject) in cooperation with the Chair of Development Sociology and the Professorship of Development Policy and Politics of Africa. Since 2008, we offer the Bachelor’s degree programme ‘Anthropology’ (as both major and minor subject) as well as the Master’s degree programme ‘Social and Cultural Anthropology’. Since 2015, Anthropology is also part of the Bachelor’s degree programme ‘Culture and Society’ and can be studied in combination with a second major subject.

PhD dissertations in Anthropology at the University of Bayreuth can be undertaken individually or within the framework of the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS), funded by the German Research Foundation as part of the Excellence Initiative. The Anthropology professors serve as BIGSAS principal investigators. Erdmute Alber and Georg Klute are furthermore founding members of the Bayreuth Academy for Advanced African Studies; both Prof. Alber and Prof. Klute run subprojects there.

Professorships at the Department of Anthropology (Facheinheit Ethnologie)

Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber, Chair of Social Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Kurt Beck, Chair of Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Uli Beisel, Juniorprofessor for Culture and Technology in Africa

Prof. Dr. Georg Klute, Professor Anthropology of Africa

Prof. Dr. Katharina Schramm, Chair of Anthropology